Cultural Competence Book Bundle

You get the Cultural Competence book and the Cultural Competence Playbook for a special price.

Cultural Competence – Book Description

Leaders in the present and the future must learn to increase their cultural sensitivity. This book provides readers with information that can help them open their minds, listen to understand, and accept that other people learn, work, and think differently. Written by Dr. Theoria Cason, the book Cultural Competence: What it is, Why it’s important, and How to Develop it aims to support those who are looking to develop their cultural competence, and sense of inclusivity whether at work, at home, or in a friend group. Readers will get a firsthand account of what cultural competence means, how to become culturally competent, and how to understand their cultural identity while learning about the cultures of others in a non-judgmental way.

Cultural Competence – Playbook Description

Cultural Competence: The Playbook is the next book produced by Dr. Theoria Cason following Cultural Competence: What it is, Why it’s important, and How to Develop it is specifically created to supplement the book. Designed for people who are interested in taking actionable steps and evaluating their progress and becoming culturally competent, this play book explores, cultural competence, color bravery, empathy, active listening, and many more important aspects of cultural humility. As a part of the playbook readers can complete self-assessments, learn actionable tips, and explore affirmative statements to help them understand themselves better as well as counteract any implicit biases they may hold.




These powerful resources will help to alleviate struggles and difficulties that hinder positive interactions between people of difference cultures and increase understanding of cultural diversity in organizations. I appreciate how easily Dr. Cason simplified the concept of cultural competence and incorporated relevant examples into the books. I also appreciate how strong informative and persuasive the writing style is. Books of this nature can inspire readers whose culture and nurture have formed their biases to empathize and accept other people’s perspectives and assess the importance of exploring the “what” and “why” behind other people’s actions.

– Doris F.

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