Cultural Competence: The Playbook

Cultural Competence: The Playbook is the next book produced by Dr. Theoria Cason following Cultural Competence: What it is, Why it’s important, and How to Develop it is specifically created to supplement the book. Designed for people who are interested in taking actionable steps and evaluating their progress and becoming culturally competent, this play book explores, cultural competence, color bravery, empathy, active listening, and many more important aspects of cultural humility. As a part of the playbook readers can complete self-assessments, learn actionable tips, and explore affirmative statements to help them understand themselves better as well as counteract any implicit biases they may hold.




As a reader, I appreciate the clarity, conciseness, and thought provoking nature of this playbook. The actions and declarations within the book can be applied to real life interactions. They are captivating and definitely add value to the experience.

– Jennell J.


There is an excellent flow to the playbook and smooth transitions between topics. The 7 Day Active Listening Challenge is an excellent bonus for improving your active listening skills. I definitely recommend reading it for both professional and personal use.

– Vikki P.

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